The Award-Winning

ION Commerce Engine (ICE)

We’re the cloud platform behind our corporate clients’ mobile pay & loyalty apps reaching more than 150 million consumers. Our engine and beacon network drives greater adoption and more frequent app use.

The ICE payment & loyalty platform is also integrated with popular payment terminals and point of sale systems for enterprise clients, supporting mobile payments from most any iOS or Android device and any bank-issued credit or debit card.

The Merchant Marketplace

We operate the nation’s fastest growing Merchant Marketplace, comprised of large chain retailers and small businesses alike. Merchants pay a small fee when mobile customers pay with their apps and we share the fee with clients and partners.

Clients use the Merchant Marketplace as a powerful customer acquisition and retention tool. When customers pay with the app, they earn instant rewards, save on personalized products or services and get free perks -- a customer loyalty trifecta.

Small Business Solution for Resellers

Our cloud-based web and mobile apps work alongside existing point of sale systems and standalone rewards programs. Small businesses joining the Merchant Marketplace gain immediate access to millions of mobile app users, helping increase foot traffic and sales.

Accepting mobile payments is as easy as 1-2-3. Sales are entered as usual. Clerks use the mobile app to enter the amount due along with a secure, 3-digit code displayed on the customer’s phone. No swiping, dipping or tapping.

And, mobile-to-mobile checkouts typically happen in two seconds or less.

Rewarding good customers is even easier. Merchants set the reward percentage in the web app and it appears in their Merchant Marketplace listing. Upon successful mobile checkouts, customers are automatically rewarded that percentage of the sale amount - no matter the brand of the app.

Check out our ION Loyalty-branded merchant app for more ideas

Private Label Consumer Solution for Partners

Whether you bake our APIs into your consumer app or white label ours, your mobile customers gain instant access to the Merchant Marketplace, personalized savings and free stuff from our Perks providers.

Our proprietary, GeoSense® iBeacon network and push notifications drive greater consumer adoption and more frequent app use throughout the Merchant Marketplace. We pick up the cost to provide and manage iBeacons at merchant locations and custom tailor messaging for each branded app.

Check out our ION Rewards-branded consumer app for more ideas